Ms. Schlenz and Mrs. Worden will make sure that Encore gets put on your schedule for next year – you don’t have to do anything to make this happen.  Encore members also sing in another choir (AWE, TB1 or TB2), which will also be added to your schedule.  All Encore singers MUST be enrolled in another choir as one of their elective classes.  The ONLY exceptions are for students in band/orchestra, or 6th grade students in an academic support class like Math Lab or Study Skills.


Please watch your school email and our Google classroom for information about summer Encore camp, next year’s activities, our upcoming calendar, next year's competition theme, and everything else!


Current choir ladies who will be changing choirs (from TB1 or TB2 to AWE) will want to trade in their current choir dress at the end of this year, and then make sure to stop by our table at Registration in August to try on their new purple AWE dress.  If we have a used dress that fits you, we swap it out for your old dress in an even exchange.  If we have to order you a brand new purple dress, we'll give you a discount if you give us back your old one.




Most students who are not placed in Encore/AWE simply need more practice and experience in singing/dancing.  If you’ve never taken private voice lessons or dance lessons, a lot of what goes into an audition can be difficult and a little intimidating - especially this year when everything was done virtually!  Also, remember that voices and body awareness develop and mature at different rates, especially in middle school.

The best thing you can do to improve both singing and dancing is to SING IN CHOIR NEXT YEAR.  You may also want to consider taking private voice lessons or dance classes.

Please be aware that:

1) Encore casting is based on both dance AND vocal audition scores, and

2) In some cases, we have received input and recommendations from your other teachers about whether they feel that you’ll be able to handle the time commitment required of Encore, in addition to your regular schoolwork.  Normally we also look at your grades/citizenship from 3rd quarter, but because of the school closures, this was not possible for this year.

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