TRAILBLAZER CHORUS I (year-long course, prerequisite: none) 

The Trailblazer Chorus is composed of students who have never sung in choir before.  There is no audition necessary to be a member of this choir; simply register for it when you are choosing your classes for the year.  Trailblazer Chorus performs in our Winter, Spring and Pop Concerts.  Trailblazer Chorus also participates in our District Vocal Festival in March.

Members of Trailblazer Chorus will develop healthy vocal technique while working on building basic musicianship skills like sight-singing, singing in parts, and interval recognition.  The type of music sung by Trailblazer Chorus ranges from early sacred music to more modern Broadway show tunes.  Our aim is to expose our students to a variety of music, allowing them to become better-rounded musicians.  Students also become familiar with performance etiquette, professional deportment, time management, and the cooperative learning environment necessary to create beautiful choral music.


Girls: Trailblazer Chorus black dress, tan dance shoes (jazz shoes or character shoes; students supply their own)

DRESS: $55, Fair Share $50 (what does this pay for?)

Boys: black choir pants, black choir shirt, silver tie, black dress/dance shoes (students supply their own) 

OUTFIT: $57, Fair Share $50 (what does this pay for?)