Join our information Zoom on March 10, 2021 at 6:00p.



In order to be considered for Encore, a student must go through two auditions - one for voice, and one for dance/movement. Potential Encore members must also meet our academic eligibility requirements (2.0 GPA with no Ds or Fs, and no N/U citizenship grades in the final quarter).

VOCAL AUDITIONS - both in-person and remote auditions will be held March 15-19, 2021.

You can sign up online for a Vocal Audition appointment HERE

Don't forget to mark whether you'll be auditioning in person or via Zoom.


Once you have signed up for an audition time slot, you'll get an email inviting you to our Google Classroom for auditions, where you will have access to all the forms and information you'll need.  If for some reason you aren't able to audition during our audition times, PLEASE email Ms. Schlenz (jschlenz@pylusd.org) and we will work something out.

On the date of your audition, either come to the TRMS campus about five minutes before your audition and come on down to the choir room, or log into Zoom about five minutes before your scheduled audition time and join the meeting.  You and I will be the only ones hearing your audition.

For your audition, you'll sing some warmups to demonstrate vocal range, sing back pitches played on the piano to demonstrate tonal memory, and sight-read (clap and count) a simple rhythmic exercise (example).   If you're on Zoom, you may want to use earbuds so that you can hear better.

The last thing you'll do in your vocal audition is perform a song of your choice.  We need to hear 16-32 bars (about 45 seconds, or a verse and a chorus) of a song that showcases your voice to its best ability.  Pop, Broadway, Disney and art songs are all great choices for music.  Students may sing a cappella or with a karaoke track that they provide - NO VOCALS on the backing track, please. If you are auditioning in person and you have sheet music, Ms. Schlenz can play piano for you. 


If you are auditioning on Zoom, you will want to play your backing track on a device that is NOT the device you're using for Zoom.  So if you're using a laptop for Zoom, use your phone to play your karaoke track; if you're using Zoom on your phone, play your karaoke track on a laptop or tablet (or through your TV if your TV can show YouTube videos). 



A teaching session for our Dance Audition choreography will be held on Wednesday, March 24th from 2:45-3:45p on Zoom.  Students who are part of our Google classroom for Encore auditions will be given the Zoom login for the teaching session.  After the routine has been taught by our Encore choreographer, a practice video of the routine will be uploaded to Google classroom.  Potential Encore members will have several days to practice their choreography and make a video of themselves doing the dance, which they can then upload to Google Classroom or share with us in Drive. 

Audition videos will be due on Wednesday, March 31st by 5:00p.

CALLBACKS - no callbacks this year; all decisions will be made based on scores from vocal auditions and submitted dance videos.  Please do your best; it's our only chance to see you!

Encore Cast list for 2021-2022 will be posted to Google Classroom and our website by Friday, April 2nd by 5:00p.

Please be aware that Encore is a major time commitment.  Students rehearse during zero period every day (7:59a-8:40a), as well as after school on Mondays and Wednesdays (3:45-5:15p Monday, 2:40-4:30p Wednesday).  Our competitions and performances in the spring will take up many of your Saturdays between February and April.  Students are expected to make Encore their first priority, because one student’s absence affects the entire group.  If you participate in other activities that also require a major time commitment, Encore may not be the group for you, so please check your schedule VERY carefully before you audition.




Get the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about being in Encore show choir.  Read the whole thing from start to finish, or click on a topic to jump right to it.


What is Encore?


How do I get into Encore?


How much time is involved with being in Encore?


How much are parents involved in Encore?


What does the financial commitment look like?




What is Encore?


The short version:

Encore is a group of singers/dancers who perform throughout the entire school year.  A few of these performances include competitions, Disneyland, large seasonal concerts, special events, and their very own holiday revue and hosted show choir competition.  Adding to the talent and energy of the group, Encore uses props and costumes to enhance their performances.


The long version:

Encore is the show choir at TRMS, consisting of ladies and gentlemen of all ages.  Placement in the group is by audition only, and the commitment to the choir must be for both fall and spring semesters.  This choir performs in our Winter, Spring and Pop concerts, as well as also participating in our Fall Choral Exchange, several show choir competitions in the spring, our District Vocal Festival in March, and performances at Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm.  In addition, Encore members have a major performance project each semester.  Our annual holiday extravaganza, “Singing in the Snow,” is in December, and we host our annual show choir festival during spring competition season.


Encore members generally have choreography rehearsals after school on Mondays (3:45 - 5:15 p.m.) and Wednesdays (2:40 - 4:30 p.m.) until competition season begins.  During competition season and second semester, rehearsals after school are on Wednesdays only.  Special rehearsals may be called as needed to prepare for performances.  All Encore members are expected to keep these days clear on their schedules, and to attend all after-school rehearsals.


Outside of our concerts, Encore is often asked to sing at PTA/board meetings, assemblies, holiday events in the community, and other special performances.  If you are in Encore, you will be expected to participate in these events as part of your commitment to the choir.  Information regarding special performances will be made available as soon as possible, so that our singers can arrange their busy schedules accordingly.


All members of Encore are required to sing in another choir here at TRMS.  This is to aid our singers in continuing to build advanced musicianship and performance skills, concentrating especially on sight-singing and appropriate vocal technique and style for a multitude of different types of music.  


How do I get into Encore?


You must audition to be part of Encore.  There are two separate auditions: a vocal audition and a dance audition.


For vocal auditions, students should prepare 16-30 bars (about 30 seconds, or a verse and a chorus) of a song that showcases their voice to its best ability.  Students may sing a cappella or with an instrumental track that they provide - NO VOCALS on the backing track, please.  


Students will also sing some warmups to demonstrate vocal range, sing back pitches played on the piano to demonstrate tonal memory, and sight-read a simple rhythmic exercise. 


For dance auditions, students will be taught a short movement routine by our Encore choreographer.  Students will then perform the dance in small groups of approximately six people.  We are looking for energy, confidence and smiles in addition to precision of movement.  Wear comfortable clothes, and dance shoes if you have them.


Students are chosen for callbacks based on the scores received in BOTH auditions.  For callbacks, students will again perform the dance routine in small groups.  Students will also be divided into sections (soprano, alto, baritone) and learn about a page of a three-part vocal piece to demonstrate blend, balance, and the student’s ability to hold a part.


No one is guaranteed a spot in Encore.  All returning students must re-audition every year.


How much time is involved with being in Encore?


To achieve our high standards of excellence in performance and competition, the members of Encore work very hard.  There is at least one and often two rehearsals a week for learning choreography (usually on Mondays and Wednesdays after school).  Encore members also attend zero period class (7:59a-8:45a) every day to learn vocal technique and work on music.  Sometimes rehearsals can be called on Monday holidays, minimum days, or during school breaks - these rehearsals simply depend on progress.  REHEARSALS ARE NOT OPTIONAL, AND ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY.  Students who miss a rehearsal may be removed from the number that is being worked on during that rehearsal.  Excessive absences from zero period or after-school rehearsals may result in a student being dismissed from the group entirely.  

Singers and parents are asked to sign our ENCORE CONTRACT at the beginning of the year, stating their intent to comply with our policies and grading procedures over the course of the school year.  


How much are parents involved with Encore?


In addition to making sure your singer has transportation to and from rehearsals, zero period, and competitions, we also ask Encore parents to volunteer a few hours of their time every semester to help support the work that our students do.  We host our very own show choir competition that requires lots of helping hands.  We need chaperones for competitions and performances away from campus.  Parents are needed during Singing in the Snow to help with ushering, programs, ticket sales and concessions.  


What does the financial commitment look like?


Much like members of a sports team, Encore performers have two uniforms (their “primary” and “secondary” costumes), plus an all-choir uniform.  In addition, the ladies have extra costs such as briefs, dance tights, dance shoes, hairpiece and makeup.


Due to all the activities involved in Encore, there are costs that the school cannot cover, such as buses to competitions, live musicians, registration fees for competitions, facility rental costs, costume purchases, and sound/lighting costs.  In an effort to keep these memorable and exciting experiences for our students, we ask each Encore member for a fair share donation.  An approximate breakdown of cost is as follows:




Fair Share - $400 (what does this pay for?​)

Encore Competition Dress - $175

2nd Competition Costume - $75

Tan Character Shoes with grips - $45

Stage makeup by PULSE Cosmetics, specifically for Encore - $15-$45

Hairpiece (colormatched to student) - $40

Nude colored leotard - $18

Nude dance tights - $13

Official Encore Jacket with embroidery and personalization - $68 (new students only)

Official Encore Duffel Bag with embroidery and personalization - $44 (new students only)



Fair Share - $400 (what does this pay for?​)

Encore Competition Costume - $120

2nd Competition Costume - $75

Black Encore Dance Sneakers/Shoes (by Bloch) - $49

Official Encore Jacket with embroidery and personalization - $68 (new students only)

Official Encore Duffel Bag with embroidery and personalization - $44 (new students only)


We know that not all families are able to shoulder the additional costs that are part of being in Encore.  To that end, we offer the opportunity for sponsorships and scholarships.  If you are accepted into Encore and find yourself in a situation of financial need, please inform Ms. Schlenz so that arrangements can be made.  Please be aware that students who are receiving scholarship help are expected to participate heavily in our department fundraisers, since it is these fundraisers which make it possible for us to offer financial aid to students in need.