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Lone Microphone

25+ years of making great music

Travis Ranch Middle School's Vocal Music Department has long been a proud source of quality choral music education in the city of Yorba Linda. We have four choirs at the middle school: Trailblazer Chorus 1, Trailblazer Chorus 2, Advanced Women's Ensemble, and Encore show choir.  Click the CHOIRS link at the top for more information about each ensemble.

Our students are talented, yes -- but there is so much more to being part of a choir than just having a great voice. Students who are part of the choirs at TRMS get an extensive education in music theory, as well as having the opportunity to sing an extremely diverse repertoire of music in a variety of settings. We follow a standards-based curriculum for all of our choirs. In addition, our singers exemplify the Three Ps: Punctuality, Preparation, and Professionalism.

Our director is Ms. Jessica Schlenz, who earned her Bachelor of Arts in choral music education at Cal State Fullerton. For more information on Ms. Schlenz, please visit her personal 
website.  To email our director, hit the CONTACT button in the upper right corner.

Looking for a voice teacher in our area?  The following teachers have worked with students in our department, and are recommended by our singers and parents:

Kris Huston - (714) 343- 9293


Jill Goodsell - (714) 970-0724


Leona Roberts - (714) 777-2160


Jo Monteleone - (714) 313-1726


Jane Harrison - (714) 693-1744